Apprimus Publishing

Apprimus – Scientific Publisher of the IIF at the RWTH Aachen

About Apprimus

Apprimus Publishing was founded in 2008 and is motivated by research in the field of specialist media. Due to the close proximity to the RWTH Aachen University, Apprimus primarily publishes studies, dissertations, research reports, and teaching materials in the field of higher education.


The work of Apprimus is, first and foremost, scientifically motivated. Higher learning institutions and establishments are supported by the service-oriented publishing activities.


At the same time, Apprimus is part of the publication-oriented development across the academic landscape. This is due to the changing information and communication needs of students and academics as well as to the transformation of research strategies. The connection of industry and research institutes in clusters, for example, places new demands on the creation of knowledge and knowledge transfer and the support of those via electronic specialist media.