Corporate Media

By designing their own media services, companies can adapt their communication to co-workers and partners as well as specifically targeted customers. A comprehensive concept across different media can also facilitate community management.

We can assist you in designing and developing media to:

  • Promote knowledge transfer within the processes involving participating agents
  • Connect and bond with customers and partners
  • Merchandize ideas and offerings in a targeted manner

You can create your own media formats such as in the form of web-based community portals, workflow tools, employee and customer magazines, newsletters and news services or through the strategic use of Web 2.0 applications (Twitter, facebook, etc.).

We are here to support you in developing an appropriate concept for your co-worker-, partner/customer-, and community communication needs.


Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing includes the production of:

  • Printed employee/ customer magazines and brochures
  • Electronic journals
  • Newsletters or news portals
  • Applications for inter-/intra-net offerings, such as podcasts

We will be glad to discuss your personal needs and desires.