Specialist Media between Differentiation and Media Convergence

In association with specialist media providers. Central issue:

How should media landscapes be structured from the user’s perspective to meet an appropriate amount of diversity (differentiation) and consolidation (convergence)? Investigation of user requirements and desires as well as the development of new media concepts in selected branches.


Study to Evaluate Specialist Media

In association with specialist media providers. Central issue:

How can one determine the level of satisfaction of a professional user with specialist media? Investigation of the Net Promoter Index (NPI) as an evaluation index for specialist media through empirical surveys in selected industries.


Community Management for a University Institute

Conceptualization and development of an electronic portal for an institute’s network management


Study of the Behaviour of Engineers Regarding Specialist Media

Central issue: How do engineers seek to continue their studies? Which specialist media do engineers use in their everyday work? How does user behavior differ regarding industry-specific and company-related contexts, as well as in the professional roles of the users?


Task Forces (ongoing)

Our special interest lies in application-oriented research. Exchanges with companies in knowledge-intensive industries and information providers, we are able to discuss current issues and trends in the field of industry communication and specialist media. We gladly welcome your suggestions and seek to address your questions in research projects. If you are interested in a task force, please feel free to contact us!

Consulting Projects in the Field of “New Media/Multimedia”:

Conceptualization and development of online services for specialist information providers from various industries. From an idea’s generation to its launch: conceptualization, market and user analysis, business plan, functional specification, development (interface role for technology), user testing, marketing- and sales activities


Relaunch of Print Media Projects

Analysis of the potential for optimization of existing media services of specialist publishers: market and user analyses, surveys on usage patterns and assessment of the user (before, during, and after the relaunch process)


Studies on specific issues with specialist information service providers


  • the image of brand names, publishers, institutions (associations, etc.)
  • regarding the advertising behaviour of the industry
  • regarding the information behaviour of specific target groups

..often in the combination of various methods of empirical social research and other research strategies.


Process Improvement Measures via Change Management in Toolmaking

Optimization of communications processes (interface management) at various SMEs from tool and mould construction; ways of communicating change


Concept and Development of a Database as a Knowledge Management Tool

Central platform for storing, processing, and analysing market and product data in a large company. Development of user/role concept, the database structure, functional specifications, coordination of technology, implementation of tools in companies


Publishing Strategies for University Institutes

Development of measures to strengthen the visibility of institutes in rankings; seminars on strategy development and writing skills


Analysis of Information Needs and Communication Processes in Service Companies

Taking over work tasks and requirements, responsibilities, interfaces, methods of knowledge generation and sharing through a higher education provider, identification of potentials and communication weaknesses


Knowledge Management in Medicine

Study in cooperation with the Institute for Media and Communications Management at the University of St. Gallen and the Health Care Communication Laboratory of the University of Lugano.

Investigation into the information and advanced education behaviour of doctors as well as on the basic conditions of medical knowledge management (actors, perspectives, goals)