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Consulting and Support for Organizations and Communities

The adaptation of knowledge, such as the targeted design of information and communications processes along the value chain, is a crucial competitive factor. The challenge lies not only in implementing a great deal of information but also in applying it efficiently to meet a company’s goals. We are glad to be of service to you!

Optimization of Communications Processes

The optimization of communications processes first requires an analysis of currently existing processes. We investigate and collect data regarding:

  • Which (standardized) communications processes exist within the respective value chain?
  • Which agents play roles in the processes, what information needs do they have, and which requirements exist regarding access to and preparation of knowledge?
  • During which process steps can information be lost or can communication problems occur (e.g. through misunderstandings that impact subsequent process steps)?
  • During which processes is knowledge created not for its relevance to the development of the end product but rather to be incorporated into the innovations processes?


We develop solutions for:

  • The implementation of communication standards in companies or corporate networks
  • The selective use of media for the transfer of knowledge between different experts and work groups
  • The knowledge management in complex value chains
  • Systematic knowledge identification in innovation management